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Data recovery from a faulty hard drive due to: – damage by power surges, lightning stick, old age wear and tear, water damage, malicious malware or computer virus infection.

In most cases, we can recover files from SD cards, memory cards, USB drive, SSD drive and older makes of hard drive storage. We can also recover erased files and photos depending on your specific computer type and circumstances. We recover data from all makes and models of desktop computers, laptop, pc and backup storage devices.

Please, not that recovery of data is never guaranteed and will depend on the type of damage and how severe the damage is. So give us a call today on the North Shore and get one of our on-site computer technicians to give you a data recovery quote.


Data recovery and Data Backup and Disaster recovery planning on the North Shore

Data backup and data recovery is the process of backing up data in case of a data loss due to accidental deletion.  This may be due to a system failure, equipment being stolen or destroyed in a natural disaster or a malicious cyber attack that corrupts data or holds it to ransom.

It is always a good professional business practice to have regular and up to date backup systems. Whether they be cloud-based data storage solutions or manual localized North Shore backups allow the data recovery to be reinstated so as to ensure that your business is not negatively impacted by these events.


Business data backup systems

We live in an age of continuous connectivity. Businesses in Auckland rely on computers, desktops laptops and mobile devices to collect and store information that is accessible 24 hours a day.  Computers or mobile devices can be in fixed locations or mobile locations locally and globally. These factors present IT support services with challenges that need to be resolved when businesses are looking at data backup solutions and disaster recovery plans.


Data recovery services on the North Shore

We can help with the following: data recovery, hard drive recovery, file recovery, SD card recovery, data recovery software, recover deleted files, photo recovery, hard disk recovery, SD memory card recovery, USB recovery, SSD hard drive file recovery. There are no guarantees and recovery is dependant on a device, level of damage and operating systems used.


Data storage and data recovery systems

In days gone by most computer systems and networks were backed up locally. Data input and storage of data was simpler and in some cases manual process.

With the age of mobile connectivity and off-site collection of data and devices, it has become a more challenging exercise. Planning and executing data storage and data recovery systems is critical to businesses survival. Businesses are faced with the challenge of updating and keeping real-time records of transactions and information safe secure and accessible 24/7.

There are a verity of solutions to these challenges and every business has its unique requirements.  A tailor-made solution has to be developed that will ensure that your business is protected. Should any unfortunate natural disaster occur or a malicious virus attack or ransomware virus does not negatively impact or destroy your business reputation.


Protect your customer data today

Data recovery systems and backup applications are continuously changing and evolving from manual updates to cloud storage and automated tailor-made solutions.  All of these have their advantages and disadvantages and all are relative to the size of the company organisation. The time needed to restore data and as always costs need to be taken into account. Data recovery is a long term and continuous process that it is essential to any business plan.

If you need help with data backup solutions and or data recovery disaster plan implementation please call today and we will be happy to answer.


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