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On-site Mobile Apple Mac Computer repairs, IT service &

IT support solutions in West Auckland

Apple Mac Computer repair services in West Auckland


Computer Repairs NZ provides highly competitive Apple Mac computer repair and maintenance services for all makes of computers and operating systems directly to your door.

We are a Apple Mac computer repair and IT support company. Providing onsite mobile computer repair services and support in West Auckland across the Auckland area. Whether you need – Apple Mac computer repair, virus and spyware removal, Macbook laptop and iMac desktop computer upgrades, network installation and administration, hardware and software consulting or Apple Mac training.

Our mobile Apple Mac technicians will go on-site in West Auckland to bring the best computer support solution to your door. We are dedicated to offer friendly, reliable and honest service and support, available to our customer anywhere in Auckland the North Shore and Rodney areas.

Computer Repairs NZ offers a wide range of Apple Mac computer and electronic repair, as well as corporate IT and business services. We provide general computer repair for desktops, laptops and servers, iPhone repair, data recovery, and IT business services in West Auckland.

We pride ourselves on our consumer service. We offer plans and pricing to fit any budget or needs. We offer retainer based support services for Apple Mac computers making sure that you have a highly qualified technician your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For businesses that just need occasional help, we offer flexible hourly billing. For people who just want someone to help get things started, we offer PC and Apple consulting, walking you through the process of deciding on your IT needs, purchasing equipment, and getting everything configured properly.

We will work around your schedule, our Apple Mac support technicians, repair service experts come to your home or office.

Computer repairs on all major laptop and desktop computer brands – Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Apple Mac and many more PC manufacturer. Our PC technicians are able to work on all the major manufacturer Windows or Mac laptops and desktops

When it comes to servicing your Apple Mac computer, we strive to provide business and home MAC and PC users in West Auckland with a service oriented experience. We provide small business to medium business, home, house calls, onsite Apple Mac computer repair in Auckland

We understand your frustration – call us today – problem solved

Apple Computer repair services in Auckland

You rely on your computer systems and networks to deliver a professional service and so do your customers. A reliable computer repair service is essential to your business. Computer repairs NZ Auckland service all makes of Apple Mac computers from Macbook laptop and iMac desktops computers. We also do ram upgrades and Apple operating systems. No matter how small or how large your organisation or problem we have a friendly NZ computer technician waiting to help get your Apple Mac computer systems and data network back online.

On-site Apple Mac Computer repairs, IT service and IT support solutions in Auckland.

My Mac computer is slow – Please help. Everyday we get to work and switch on our devoted computers and trust that they will start up just as well as they did the previous day. But just like us human, they have bad days and just want to stay in bed. You may be experiencing one of those computer problem days where your trusted laptop or desktop is slower than usual or you started it up and are greeted by a blue screen, computer beeping sound, laptop displays a error messages, computer won’t reboot or computer freezes in the middle of an important document that you have not saved the whole day.

We understand your frustration – call us today – problem solved


Mobile Computer repairs and IT Support Services in Auckland - our computer technicians can help you solve


Computer and network speed troubleshooting

Enhance your computer and network speed.
Solutions for slow working laptops and desktops

New Email and user setup and removal
Internet and Email connection troubleshooting

Computer antivirus installation protection and upgrade
Remove viruses and spyware.
Laptop and desktop virus removal
Secure your computers and network.
Prevent and prepare for Spyware, Trojan and other malicious attacks

Setup and maintain office wireless and data cabling networks
Fixing wi-fi problems
Cloud computing solutions
Wireless Notebook, Pc, desktop pc, netbook, tablets and smartphone device setup and linking

Wi-fi, wireless and cable network configuration for file-sharing and establish a connection between the computer and the printer network

Backup & Disaster Recovery
Computer file restoration and retrieval
Configure a backup solution for your important files.
Laptop, Notebook, Pc, desktop pc, netbook, tablets and smartphone data and file backup services
Managing data storage to IT servers and cloud-based storage solutions
Computer data disaster recovery system implementation

Data Recovery lost or deleted files
Accidental deletion of files
Recover data and file from defective hardware service
Recover data and file from sd cards and flash drives
Hard drive repairs Auckland
Hard drive upgrade to SSD

Second-hand refurbished computers for sale

Custom built computers for sale

Planning and set-up of new equipment ( IT Consultant ).
Memory upgrades
Hard drive expansion and upgrade
Upgrading desktop computers to give your old computer a new lease on life

Software installation
Software and hardware upgrades
Laptop operating system upgrades and updates
Transfer of data to your new hard drive or new laptop by a computer technician
Laptop drivers installation and upgrades

Computer and Network Troubleshooting
Blue and black screens
Error messages
Computer freezing
Slow computers
No internet connection
The computer will not reboot
Wireless network down

Fix or replace broken computer hardware.

Advice on systems, Antivirus and utility services

Computer repairs NZ is a mobile computer fix, software and network support team dedicated to ensuring that you get the IT support and help when you need it. We travel to your home office or business offices to fix and troubleshoot computer hardware and software, internet connection, wireless network problems and data recovery and data backup solutions.


Mobile Onsite Computer repairs, Laptop repairs, IT service and IT support solutions across Auckland and the North Shore.

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