Why is my internet so slow?

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Why is my internet so slow?

How can I speed up our  internet connection?

There is no one reason for slow Internet, slow Internet can be a result of a number of different factors from your own computer’s operating system to a malicious virus. You may be asking your computer to perform functions way above its speed and ram capacity A viruses software known as malware may be using your computer to perform illegal functions and communicate across the Internet without your knowledge. A technician may be able to run a quick diagnostic scan to resolve the problem.

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In some cases your service provider maybe at fault, our technicians can communicate on your behalf with your service provider to rectify this problem. If you have a large office space you may be experiencing slow Internet speed due to faulty data cabling or out updated routers and switching systems. If you have a wireless network, it may be experiencing interference due to building structures air conditioning systems machinery and cell phone reception towers.

A technician is often called out to a customer who is experiencing frustratingly slow Internet connection through a series of diagnostics and practical test our technicians can find and resolve the problem because of all the factors we just mentioned it may take a little bit of time but in the end you will find the router and get it fixed.

Here are some factors that could play a role in slow Internet connection

Obvious problems in the past are:- out dated wireless network equipment that is not able to transmit data at the speeds we have become accustomed to or your data cable network is in need of maintenance repairs.

You may recently have downloaded a software from the internet, quite often while installing your software you inadvertently authorise a third party software connected to that software to load and function on your computer. These third party software’s takes up valuable hard drive space ram and continually update, restricting your Internet connection speed this program may be working in the background performing functions that you were not aware of.

Another reason would be that you have not optimised your software settings and your programs are automatically downloading and uploading data unnecessarily Make sure you read the software installation process and recommendations of any new software so that you are not caught out in this way.

Some antivirus software programs that you have installed to protect your computer maybe set on very high security levels which can hinder your day-to-day functions and speed. Take a look at your setups in your antivirus software and make sure that there is a happy medium between security and functionality that does not hinder effectiveness of your computer performance

Whatever the problem our experienced technicians well worked tirelessly to rectify and solve the problem through a range of troubleshooting, software diagnosis and experience.


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