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Wireless Network

Most new devices ship with WiFi or wireless capabilities as a result wireless home networks and wireless office environments are becoming increasingly under pressure to deliver on speed and reliability. As a result you may be experiencing slow Internet connection or disrupted service at home or in the work environment.

When you refer to a wireless network we are describing a wireless local area network which is LAN or a wireless area network WAN both use radio waves to communicate between devices such as  laptops, desktops, mobile devices and printers instead of data cables. Wireless networks operate using radio frequency technology, a frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum associated with radio waves.

The advantage of a wireless network is that you do not need a costly data cabling network and devices to connect to. The network device can be mobile, moving between work space and meeting rooms. An added advantage is that you can install wireless networks quickly with no infrastructure changes and if need be chang locations as often as is needed. Wireless networks can be added to data cable networks to increase the network size, mixing old and new technologies and saving cost which makes it very versatile.

The conventional data cabling is more costly to install and needs manual infrastruct changes to lay cabling making wireless solution a far cheaper, affordable and adaptable solution. In the past data cabling  was a much faster way of transmitting data between devices but this has all changed and the advancement in wireless technology have allowed wireless to be as fast if not fast and then data cable. For homeowners, wireless technology is an effective option compared to Ethernet for sharing printers, scanners, television and smart home appliances and high-speed Internet connections.

There are however some challenges with wireless networks. Wireless networks are transmitting data as radio signal as a result you can get interference from indoor structures like air conditioning ducting, concrete walls, steel, glass and other appliances like microwave ovens and cordless phones that operate in the same 2.4 frequency range as the wireless. However these challenges can be resolved by relocating wireless networking hardware or using specialized antennas and with proper planning.

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The Benefits of a Wireless Network Solution

Small, medium and large businesses can experience significant benefits from a wireless network both financially and operationally:

Mobility is the new buzzword allowing change to happen instantly and seamlessly within an organisation and giving employees the freedom to work and communicate from anywhere in the network – meeting rooms and online conferencing.

The convenience of accessing your network resources from any location within your building or home environment or from any WiFi hot spot.

One of the biggest benefits is the increased productivity. Wireless access to the Internet and to key applications or resources helps your staff increase efficiency and customer service

Wireless networks are easy to installation and adaptable

One of the main reason for the popularity of the wireless network is how easy it is to install and operate making is a very cost effective and adaptable solution for both home and business office environments.

Wireless networks are easily expanded or reconfigured with existing equipment with no extra infrastructure spend

Advancements in wireless network technology has increased security protections.


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