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Antivirus Protection

Businesses and individuals are constantly under attack, this may sound melodramatic but it is the cold hard facts there’s thousands of malicious viruses, ready to take advantage of any sort coming in your online security. Modern criminals are sophisticated and faceless armed with simple computer equipment and code with destructive if not catastrophic potential.

Cyber criminals are able to conduct international bank heist without leaving their armchair thousands of miles away. Some crimes are more subtle but equally devastating like industrial espionage, credit card theft, identity theft and of growing concern and frequency is Ransomware scam attacks. IT has been reported that 1 in 130 emails contains malicious  Malware viruses that cost businesses millions in lost revenue every year.

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It is important to have up to date and current antivirus software as well as constantly updating your computer software and systems.  A data recovery and backup plan and implementation system is a must for small, medium and large organization.

The age of mobile devices and constant connectivity further complicated  and increased vulnerabilities for security and cyber attacks by cyber criminals. Cloud storage and computing solutions have become vulnerable to cyber attacks and cyber criminals.

You may think that you are well protected, but as with most vulnerabilities there is always human error or failure to follow protocol that can leave your network vulnerable. It only takes a small lapse in procedure to leave you open for exploitation by cyber criminals. The fast ever changing pace of technology is always going to be a challenge organisations to make sure that they are kept up-to-date with the latest changes in software and try to be ahead if not just keep pace with cyber criminals.

The best way to protect yourself against disaster is to be educated and up-to-date, so call us today to discuss the beast strategy that will suit your business and your budget


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