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IT Computer Services

Computer Repairs NZ offers a verity of IT services. We offer a professional on site mobile IT support and computer repair service.

Computer Repairs

Mobile Computer repairs, IT services and IT support solutions across Auckland and the North Shore. You rely on your computer systems and networks to deliver a professional service and so do your customers. A reliable computer repair service is essential to your business. Computer repairs service all makes of computers from HP laptop and desktops to Apple mac computers. We also maintain Windows and Apple operating systems. No matter how small or how large your organization or problem we have a friendly computer technician waiting to help get your computer systems and data network back online.

Data Recovery

We live in an age of continuous connectivity businesses rely on computers, desktops laptops and mobile devices to collect and store information that is accessible 24 hours a day.  Computers or mobile devices can be in fixed locations or mobile locations locally and globally. These factors present it services with challenges that need to be resolved when businesses are looking at a data backup solutions and disaster recovery plans

Slow Internet and Email

Areas that we can help you with are: slow internet speed, my computer is slow, my internet is slow, slow internet connection, fix slow internet, can not connect to internet, WiFi slow, Wireless internet connection, Wireless network, Broadband, Fibre, VDSL, 4G, 3G, Mobile internet connection and Remote internet connection.

Wireless Network

When you refer to a wireless network we are describing a wireless local area network which is LAN or a wireless area network WAN both use radio waves to communicate between devices such as  laptops, desktops, mobile devices and printers instead of data cables. Wireless networks operate using radio frequency technology, a frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum associated with radio waves.

Data Cabling

Computer repairs NZ can assist you with all your IT services and data cabling requirements from a simple data cable installation to a more professional and planned structured data cabling project.

Internet and Email

Computer repairs NZ prides itself in being able to provide IT support and computer IT services to customers on small jobs as well as large IT projects. Sometimes it’s the small little computer problems that can be the most frustrating and lead to hours of wasted productivity in the workplace or home office.

Antivirus Protection

You may think that you are well protected, but as with most vulnerabilities there is always human error or failure to follow protocol that can leave your network vulnerable. It only takes a small lapse in procedure to leave you open for exploitation by cyber criminals. The fast ever changing pace of technology is always going to be a challenge organisations to make sure that they are kept up-to-date with the latest changes in software and try to be ahead if not just keep pace with cyber criminals.

Software Installation

A simple software update can go horribly wrong if you are not familiar with the process and have not taken the right precautions before the upgrading begins. If your update goes wrong you could lose valuable historic data. It is always best practice to backup all your data before you attempt a software upgrade. Windows upgrades are notorious for causing trouble and disrupting your regular flow of business. Having a trained IT technician on site can help to alleviate such problem and troubleshoot problems as they happen.

Home Office IT Support

Computer Repairs NZ is a mobile computer repair and IT support and IT services that comes to your home office. We provide a range of computer and software and network support services.  Whether it’s a small frustrating computer application that won’t work, we’ll help troubleshoot the problem. If all you need is advice on internet or network decisions give us a call. Our technicians will be happy to answer any questions

Business IT support

Computer NZ provides IT support services and computer repairs to small medium and  large businesses across Auckland and the North shore. We understand that customer’s demand great service and that computer systems and network need to be operation 24/7. Our Mobile computer repair and mobile IT support is there to ensure that you have minimal disruption to business operations.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing gives businesses the freedom to be mobile working from remote sites across the world accessing skills and resources wherever they may be needed. Organizations can react to changing economic conditions and take advantage of fast moving trends. Increased reaction and recovery from natural disasters and cyber crime means that there is minimal disruption to business operations

IT Office Relocation

Are you dreading the thought of having to move to new business premises. The challenge with moving a business is how to do it seamlessly with minimal disruption to workflow and customers. Computer repairs NZ can help you plan and execute your IT infrastructure move in a seamless professional manner. Give us a call today


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